Circus Animals is an entirely unique, entertaining script unlike any other. One of the stars of the script is its wonderful, magical backdrop: a carnival set in New Orleans. The location and world we are invited to explore feels fresh, like we’ve truly been transported to a far away place in a different time. Throughout the entire script, the location really helps build the story and the world and makes Circus Animals really stand out. 

One other interesting element of Circus Animals are the characters. It’s often hard for writers to craft characters that each feel as if they have their own personality. Often, screenwriters write characters that feel as if they are all cut from the same cloth, with dialogue that could easily be anyones. Circus Animals does a phenomenal job of crafting characters that each feel like individuals. The dialogue of each animals supports their personality and goals, which is something that is frequently very challenging to do. 

Additionally, we truly are led to feel sympathy for these characters. Of course, it helps that the characters are dogs, but we really led to appreciate who they are, how they’re feeling, and the past traumas they have been through. Circus Animals gives the audience an opportunity to see an ensemble cast meld together and grow like a family. Seeing their different personalities shift as they begin to work together is a satisfying change. 

The end of the script is the type of third act that audiences love to see; a heartwarming wrap up where we are able to visit all the characters we have grown to love over the course of the script. Overall, Circus Animals is an entertaining script with lovable characters set in an engaging world. 

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