Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood

Logline: After being rejected by his homosexual lover, Paul Gauguin, a struggling painter named Vincent van Gogh, descends into madness, where his artistic passion and inner demons collide, leading to tragic consequences for his art and mental health.


Vincent van Gogh lived an extraordinary life, characterized by his talent and his courage to challenge societal norms. Despite the taboo nature of homosexuality during his time, Vincent remained unapologetic about his sexuality and engaged in same-sex relationships.

One event that catalyzed the darker period of Vincent’s life was his relationship with struggling artist Paul Gauguin, who took advantage of Vincent’s vulnerability through a sexual relationship. Paul’s ego swelled after he gained representation from Vincent’s brother, Theo van Gogh, and he ended up shunning Vincent, causing him to spiral into madness.

The circumstances surrounding the infamous incident where Vincent cut off his ear are still in question. Speculation exists that Paul had a role in severing Vincent’s ear in a fit of rage. The final end to Vincent’s life is also shrouded in mystery, with speculation as to whether he committed suicide or was accidentally killed.

Despite everything that happened between them, Vincent and Paul’s relationship remains an unspoken brotherhood. The untold story of their controversial lives is revealed in Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood.

Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood Awards

  • Award Winner – Grand Jury Prize (Silver) Best Drama Screenplay – Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, December 2020
  • Award Winner – Grand Jury Prize (Bronze) Best Feature Screenplay – Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, December 2020
  • Award Winner – Best LGBT Screenplay Feature – Best Script Award, November 2020
  • Award Winner – Best Screenplay – Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, Paris, France, September – October 2020
  • Award Winner – Honorable Mention – Queen Palm International Film Festival, Palm Springs, Ca. January, 2021
  • Award Winner – Honorable Mention – Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, French Riviera, November 2020
  • Award Winner – Honorable Mention: Drama Screenplay – Prague International Film Festival
  • Top 100 – Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition, 2021
  • Finalist – QueerWrites, Australia, 2020
  • Finalist – Vancouver Independent Film Festival, March 2021
  • Finalist – European Cinematography Awards, September 2020
  • Finalist – TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival, August, September 2020
  • Finalist – New York Cinematography AWARDS (NYCA), November 2020
  • Semifinalist – Table Read My Screenplay Competition – Austin 2021
  • Semifinalist – Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, June 2021
  • Semifinalist – Changing Face International Film Festival, September 2020
  • Semifinalist – Madras Independent Film Festival, September 2020
  • Semifinalist – Wiki Screenplay Contest, October 2020
  • Quarterfinalist – ISA Drama Genre-Busting Screenplay Competition, June 2021
  • Quarterfinalist – Chicago Screenplay Awards, February 2021
  • Quarterfinalist – Fresh-Voices, Hollywood, CA
  • Quarterfinalist – Portland Screenplay Awards, May 2021

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