Logline: An unsuccessful painter, Vincent van Gogh, plummets into the realms of madness after being rejected by his homosexual lover.

Synopsis: This story accurately depicts the extraordinary and controversial life of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent went against the status quo. He was unapologetically homosexual at a time when it was taboo for a man to engage in sexual relations with another man—doing so led to ridicule and shame from the community and society.

The events that ended Vincent’s life started with the artist Paul Gauguin. Paul was a narcissist. He was broke and needed representation, so he befriended Vincent. Then, he deceived him through a sexual relationship in exchange for representation.

After getting representation from the art dealer, Theo van Gogh, the egocentric Gauguin shuns Vincent, which plunges him into the realms of madness.

Did Vincent cut off his ear, or did Paul sever Vincent’s ear in rage? Did Vincent commit suicide, or was he killed accidentally? Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood, the untold story.

Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood Awards

  • Award WinnerGrand Jury Prize (Silver) Best Drama Screenplay – Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, December 2020
  • Award WinnerGrand Jury Prize (Bronze) Best Feature Screenplay – Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, December 2020
  • Award Winner – Best LGBT Screenplay Feature – Best Script Award, November 2020
  • Award WinnerBest Screenplay – Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, Paris, France, September – October 2020
  • Award Winner – Honorable Mention – Queen Palm International Film Festival, Palm Springs, Ca. January, 2021
  • Award Winner – Honorable Mention – Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, French Riviera, November 2020
  • Award Winner – Honorable Mention: Drama Screenplay – Prague International Film Festival
  • Top 100 – Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition, 2021
  • Finalist – QueerWrites, Australia, 2020
  • Finalist – Vancouver Independent Film Festival, March 2021
  • Finalist – European Cinematography Awards, September 2020
  • Finalist – TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival, August, September 2020
  • Finalist – New York Cinematography AWARDS (NYCA), November 2020
  • Semifinalist – Table Read My Screenplay Competition – Austin 2021
  • Semifinalist – Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, June 2021
  • Semifinalist – Changing Face International Film Festival, September 2020
  • Semifinalist – Madras Independent Film Festival, September 2020
  • Semifinalist – Wiki Screenplay Contest, October 2020
  • Quarterfinalist – ISA Drama Genre-Busting Screenplay Competition, June 2021
  • Quarterfinalist – Chicago Screenplay Awards, February 2021
  • Quarterfinalist – Fresh-Voices, Hollywood, CA
  • Quarterfinalist – Portland Screenplay Awards, May 2021

SCREENPLAY TRAILERS: Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood

Logline: After being accused of impersonating a United States citizen by a Homeland Security officer, an Italian immigrant goes into hiding and finds work with a divorced man with two children.

Synopsis: When life becomes unfair, sometimes there is no other way but to flee from
what troubles us. So, some of us run away from the law, and some from
ourselves. Yet, the truth finds a way to catch up with us, and it finds a way
to break through our walls of pretentiousness. La Famiglia is a screenplay that
deals with the act of fleeing from danger. It reveals the consequences of lying
to ourselves and others.

The screenplay presents two different men that are escaping from their
troubles. Antonio Camerino is a gay man wrongly accused of impersonating a
United States citizen. He hides from the law and finds a job caring for Davide
Calabria and his two sons, Luca and Franco. The two men connect through a need.
One needs to hide from police officers, and the other needs a caretaker for his
children. These characters’ common denominator is that they both lie, which
brings unrest to their loved ones. Davide keeps his sexuality a secret from his
boys and his fashionista fiancé, Dorothea Phillips, even though she senses the
truth. In no time at all, Davide falls in love with Antonio, bringing forth his
true identity. Davide’s fiance figures out the bond they now share and becomes
determined to separate them.

From the start of its plot, La Famiglia shows the unrest of its characters.
It builds up their efforts to hide until the characters cannot hide anymore,
thus spilling their hearts out and embracing honesty. Yet, a paradoxical love
is born out of continuous pain and lies. It snatches away the masks of the two
men who have no other option but to embrace this undeniable feeling that
consumes them. Once the lies are over, the two characters manage to find
happiness, and the environment around them supports their romance, leaving no
more room for prejudice or shame.

La Famiglia Awards

  • TOP 15 % – The Academy Nicholl Fellowship, Los Angeles, Ca., 2019
  • Award Winner – (Best New York Screenplay) – New York Script Awards, 2021
  • Award Winner – (2nd place) – TMFF, October – November 2020
  • Finalist – The Golden Script Competition, 2020
  • Finalist – Seattle Film Festival, December 2020
  • Finalist – Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, Paris, France, November 2020
  • Semifinalist – Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, Los Angeles, Ca., (Winter) 2020
  • Quarterfinalist – ScreenCraft Drama Competition, 2020

Logline: After a lioness and her cub are abducted by crooked carnival workers, a band of circus animals embark on a dangerous journey to rescue them.


Synopsis: In a circus, animals are used for entertainment and monetary benefits for their owners. Yet, like any business, the circus isn’t exempt from mistreatment and injustice. Where humans lack empathy and use each other unjustly, “Circus Animals” creates an animated world in which animals have their own voice and must save each other from their human owners’ faults. The screenplay kicks off, presenting one old dog leading a new one into the circus. The new dog quickly accepts her environment and meets other animals with their own unique personality. Indeed, all the circus animals seem to be living in harmony, happy to entertain people until humans go wrong. A cunning mistreatment of the circus carneys causes them to kidnap the circus’ lioness along with her cub. This situation unites all the animals together to seek and free their fellow animals.

Circus Animals Awards

  • Award Winner – (Silver)Best Unproduced Screenplay, Los Angeles Animation Festival, December 2020
  • Semifinalist – Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Screenplay Competition 2020
  • Quarterfinalist – Creative Screenwriting Animation Screenplay Competition (2021)
  • Quarterfinalist – ScreenCraft Animation Competition 2021
  • Quarterfinalist – Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards (Winter) 2020
  • Quarterfinalist – The Golden Script Competition 2020


Logline: After buying a secluded mansion, a best-selling author confronts a horned, serpentine-tailed demon that manifests his home.


Anthony Caprio, a recovering alcoholic, enjoys life as a best-selling occult writer with his wife, Sofia, and their two sons, Luca and Franco. After writing a best-selling novel, Anthony receives his first royalty check. As he drives to the bank to deposit the check, he sees his wife in an intimate situation with another man. He confronts them at a coffee shop and uncovers an illicit affair.

Longing for a new life, Anthony flees the city with his two boys and buys a historic mansion in Washington state. After moving in, Mary Reid suddenly appears to him as a spirit. The writer initially finds her amusing until he wakes from a dream and sees her transformed into a horned, serpentine-tailed demon at the foot of his bed. As she begins wreaking havoc inside the mansion, he falls under her spell, resumes drinking, and turns against his sons.

Remorseful of having an affair, Sofia, the boy’s mother, travels to the small town hoping to save her sons from their father’s dysfunctional household. But, once there, she runs face-first into the horrific, unexpected nightmare.

The Mary Reid Awards

  • Award Winner – (Silver) – Best Horror Screenplay, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, March 2021
  • Award WinnerBest Feature Horror Screenplay, Best Script Award, March 2021
  • Honorable Mention – The International Horror Hotel International Film Festival, April 2021
  • Quarterfinalist – Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, June 2021


Logline: Set in Browne’s Addition, a historic gay community in the Pacific Northwest, this episodic series centers around a group of friends, the Oak Street lounge, Browne’s Addition Bed & Breakfast, Crawford’s coffee shop, and much more.