The Lyons: A Real Family

Copyright 9/2004

Susan and Tonya Lyons have been a couple for eleven years. About three years into their relationship, they decided they wanted to start a family. Doctors informed them that it typically takes about three attempts for artificial insemination to work. For the Lyons, however, it took four years, fourteen attempts, and three anonymous sperm donors. Their story is told in the documentary The Lyons: A Real Family, directed by Frank Gaimari.

Journey of Love: Learning to Forgive

Copyright 8/2005

A powerful, emotional documentary about Christopher Lawrence and his committed relationship. Christopher’s role changed from a lover to a caregiver, altering the course of his relationship forever. The film Journey of Love: Learning to Forgive is an honest, personal account of love, hurt, and forgiveness associated with the deadly disease called AIDS, directed by Frank Gaimari.

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