Mary Reid: The Succubus

Logline: When a successful author purchases a secluded mansion, he soon discovers he’s not alone in his new home; a sinister, horned, serpentine-tailed demon lies in wait, determined to seduce him and lead him down a path of dark and dangerous desires.

Synopsis: Anthony Caprio, a recovering alcoholic, enjoys life as a best-selling occult writer with his wife, Sofia, and their two sons, Luca and Franco. After writing a best-selling novel, Anthony receives his first royalty check. As he drives to the bank to deposit the check, he sees his wife in an intimate situation with another man. He confronts them at a coffee shop and uncovers an illicit affair.

Longing for a new life, Anthony flees the city with his two boys and buys a historic mansion in Washington state. After moving in, Mary Reid, the mansion’s original owner, suddenly appears to him as a spirit. The writer initially finds her amusing until he wakes from a dream and sees her transformed into a horned, serpentine-tailed demon at the foot of his bed. As she begins wreaking havoc inside the mansion, he falls under her spell, resumes drinking, and turns against his sons.

Remorseful of having an affair, Sofia, the boy’s mother, travels to the small town hoping to save her sons from their father’s dysfunctional household. But, once there, she runs face-first into the horrific, unexpected nightmare.

The Mary Reid Awards

  • Award Winner – (Silver) – Best Horror Screenplay, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, March 2021
  • Award WinnerBest Feature Horror Screenplay, Best Script Award, March 2021
  • Honorable Mention – The International Horror Hotel International Film Festival, April 2021
  • Quarterfinalist – Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, June 2021

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